Benefits of a Two-Story Garden City New York Real Estate

Owning a piece of Garden City New York real estate is one of the most exciting endeavors one can get into. Garden City is a great real estate location in the Nassau County. It is populated with young, mostly married couples. It is generally a residential area that is great for starting a family and rearing children.

New home owners in Garden City might have the dilemma of how to maximize space in properties that are not regularly shaped. One of the options to consider is to have a sprawling one-story home which means giving up space for the garden or the chance to enjoy the view from an elevated area of the property. Another option is to have a two-story house.

Here are the benefits of a two-story Garden City New York real estate.

One of the obvious advantages of a two-story property is the segregation one can do between private and visitor’s areas. The upper floor can be an area where some members of the family can go about their daily activities while other members are entertaining friends in the living room downstairs. Other family members are not disrupted from their activities like studying, reading, or watching television. The second-story bathroom can definitely be made exclusive for family use only. Conversely, when entertaining visitors at the lower floor, one does not have think about disturbing members of the family that are already asleep. One can go ahead and enjoy time with visitors.Real Estate

The upper floor of a house serves as the insulator of the ground floor area. This means that the living room, kitchen, and other areas on the lower floor are cooler during the summer and warmer during winter without consuming too much energy through the use of heaters. Another advantage is that one can open the window URL of the second-story rooms at night time to take in some fresh air. Many people love to open their room windows to allow natural air to lull them to sleep. This saves energy and thus lowers electricity bills. The fresh air that makes a good night’s sleep possible is priceless in itself.

A two-story house does not affect outdoor living space while residents can enjoy the comforts and functionality of dual spaces in a limited area. Visit URL to know more details about benefits of real estate.  The owner of a two-story Garden City New York real estate can also consider having an enormous garden, a swimming pool, and other outdoor luxuries that a bigger space can provide.

Ultimately, having a two-story house spells more savings considering the fact that one can add more amenities to the house at minimal cost. For one, having a house with one level requires a bigger foundation which entails bigger excavating costs. A two-story structure may have a smaller foundation and less roofing than a sprawling house. This definitely spells savings in construction.

Home owners can also enjoy the benefit of a good view that an elevated area in the house can offer. It makes a difference when you look at a window and see a fantastic view compared to the view that a ground floor window can offer. One can have a second-story deck or balcony with comfy chairs where members of the family can gather and enjoy the wonderful view together. If the balcony is bigger, one can even hold small parties on it. The possibilities are indeed plentiful with a two-story house.